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Registered participants

Municipal educational center for extracurricular activities

Addressvillage Baykal, municipality Dolna Mitropolia
Postal address5861
Organization typeUpper secondary school

Municipality educational center village Baikal, Bulgaria is situated on the beautiful Danube riverbank,50 km far from Pleven.There are ecology club „Danube”, painting school „Rainbow”,groups for authentic folklore„Kalushari”, astronomy club, which have a lot of awards.The center has already implemented a strategy for their work connected with the childrens education.The ecology club has been active for 10 yrars.From this year the center has been working on the interactive „Green packet” during classes (which the pupils chose).They have one lesson a week.The „Green packet” is a book of the regional ecology centre for Central and Eastern Europe.We wanted to heap the pupils and parents opionion first.The film ”Kids and birds” has been created by the students from the ecology club “Danube”.They are script-writers,actors and operators.We all live with the problems and pain of our favourite river Danube.The studehts take part in the activities connected with protecting of the wet zones and their inhabitants-birds which live and nest near the river.We are organizing “The European days of birds-the 2 nd and the 3 d of October, the international day of river Danube.The children make feeding-troughs for the winter, they clean the riverbank.They take part in many festivals and win lots of prizes.In this way populize their knowledges about that how to clean and save our wonderful friends.The purpose of the film is to appeal for protecting the wet zones and the basins of the rivers as extremely important for the life of the birds and to make the children more responsible for the ecological problems of nature and the river Danube.

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