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Zarejestrowani uczestnicy

Constantin Brancusi

AddressStr. Horticultorilor nr.1 Cluj-Napoca
Postal addressJudetul Cluj
Organization typePrimary and lower secondary school
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School "Constantin Brancusi" Cluj-Napoca is a public primary and lower secondary school, in an urban area. The age of our pupils is from 7 to 15. There are 545 pupils and 38 teachers in our school. Our students come from different social backgrounds and some of them have single parent families.There are also integrated minorities, such as Hungarians (8%), who are taught in their mother tongue. Thanks to the teachers' commitment and enthusiasm the school has very good results. It was involved in previous international projects focusing on developing citizenship skills or healthy lifestyles. In 2008 it was awarded the title and diploma "EUROPEAN SCHOOL" by the Ministry of Education and Research.

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